Primary Mission of this trip is to locate the famous Dogtooth Tuna aka the bouy snatcher!! We woke up extra early in the morning to prepare ourself for some extreme spearfishing.
 Hubert prepare mix blend juice for the power boost to land a 100lb Doggy!! all the other preparing the bouy 25ps and 30 ps. we can see each other face that we are about to experience some crazy shit underwater. it was very hard to relax and calm ourself because the anticipation in out of the hook!!

in the other hand, the weather is very promising but diving close to New moon is asking for strong current and we damn know it! those monster love current and dangerous places for human to dive.

Luckly we have Indra aka banana Hammock to cheers us with his funny jokes and story about his experiences. i think we wasted a lot of precious energy from laughing so hard to Indra’s story.

when we arrive just from looking at the spot we know we arrive at DOG TOWN yeaww! We gear up tangling with each other bouy line, stressing out just to get out of the boat without get caught with each other line. Landing doggy = lots of bouy+float line min 30 meter + bunny line 1-3 pcs + strong speargun (guns with reputation worldwide-no room for local gun) + lastly 3 big Balls on ur sack!

the first and second dive we all were greeted by several different species of trevally. GT monster size, bluefin trivially, bigeye trivially and golden trevally. Hubert Haciski, he was a machine, he kill all 4 different trivially species.  Brett and Indra shot monster size Green Jobfish aka Uku. Brett also manage to land small puppy and saw Whale shark while pulling the doggy.

Overall it was a great day in the office, no big Doggy but we saw a giant spanish mackerel, Few good size doggy but couldn’t get closed.

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Owner and Founder Of Indonesia Spearfishing Charter. I have been hunting land ocean since i was a young boy.

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