It was our first time to go this part of North Bali. We heard a lot of good story from the past on all the spot we are going to go. There is one spot famous for Marlin and Sailfish. Drop off for Dogtooth Tuna and ofcourse popular spot for the spanish Mackerel to stopby before their journey to the Indian Ocean.

First Day we started at the reef, the spot is famous for spanish mackerel and reef fish. But we didn’t see a lot life and not a single of bait fish. We drift and follow the current until we reach a spot full of bait fish on the surface. my First shot was A nice size maori seaperch. Then David shot few nice groupers. Toward the end of the day 12 kg Spanish mackerel swim toward me and i got a good shot.

The next day we went to drop off spots. It is well known for the Dogtooth Tuna and lots of variety of Pelagic. My first shot was 5 kg Midnight Snapper. There was so many of them so i just waited for the biggest out of the group. Then saw a lot maori Seaperch and redbass but they were keeping their distance. Then we drift and i manage to shot 9 kg Dogtooth tuna.

Then we contiune a drift and we found a spot with big school of GT, Blue fin Trevally, Golden trevally and my favorite longnose emperor. I ignore the Trevally but it was my biggest mistake because the schol of longnose was way out of range. I did few more dive but the school went back to the drop off to deep blue sea.

Midnight snapper

Maori Seaperch

Spanish Mackerel

Dogtooth Tuna


Dinner Served
Bigeye Seabream aka MU

Then we contiune our drift and it payoff shot a good size Bigeye Seabream. Overall it was an epic 2 day adventure to new spot. Got a good bag of fish to bring home enough supply for a week of fine dining.

Exploring the underwater world in north part of Bali. Amazing Reef and lots of fish to hunt.

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Owner and Founder Of Indonesia Spearfishing Charter. I have been hunting land ocean since i was a young boy.

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