white spotted rabbitfish

Unexpected Hunting success in Bali

The view before the Dive A few days ago Eenk decided to try a new spot that he heard marvelous stories about it from the local villager. He heard tales about the good old days, when fish flourished and were abandoned on their doorsteps. Eenk will try anything even if the water is infested with    […]

“Ikan Tawah” Rabbitfish

“Ikan Tawah” known in english as “rabbitfish”, is one of the most favorite reef fish to eat of the Balinese. There are 2 kinds: One with a yellow spot next to the tail (Gold-saddle rabbitfish) which can grow up to 2kg, or the  white spotted rabbitfish  which can grow up to 300-400 grams. Don’t let    […]