Long-nosed Emperor

Weekend in East bali

First day dive at the Rumpon (FAD) no luck seing any pelagic fish. I visited 20 Rumpon and the Visibility was poor. I shot few amberjack for the captain dinner and I give up. The next day we went to the reef and try a new spot with pontential spanish mackerel but the area was    […]

Lembongan and Penida Underwater Hidden Treasure

  Blake and Larry ​  It had been 2 years since I last returned to the Penida and Lembongan region.   I am glad to be back! My friend Blake planed this trip from 10,000 miles away. He came with his father Larry who is well known throughout the world as an International Fisherman. He has many fishing adventure around    […]

Unsuccessful Fishing Trip Ending with a Good Feeling

Some friends and I went out on a special fishing trip to dive at seamount. There are three spots and there are all equally amazing places to catch fish you would dream about. Once we arrived on the first spot, the water was murky and we found the same condition in the second and third    […]