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Spearfishing Equipment rental Bali Indonesia

Indonesia Spearfishing Charter is now offering complete spearfishing equipment rental. Size available in Medium, Large and Extra large. Full equipment rental: Wetsuit Socks Gloves Mask Snorkel Floatline Bouy Speargun Freedive Fin Total Cost $45 USD per day.  For more information please email or

Freediving Safety Video That Every Spearo in the world should watch.

After watching this video, it bring back memories of my own experience with running out of O2. Please watch this video, always dive with a buddy and not one fish is ever worth your life. Dive safe and take care. +Arvid Nicolas +Adreno Spearfishing +Indonesia spearfishing charter +SpearoBlog +Blue Tuna Spearfishing +Jabut SpeargunLombok  thanks for the video guys +Back to Basics Show

We all seen it, felt it, experienced it in one of our dive…

This is an advice to all spearo who are visiting Bali. Please listen to local people advice and never underestimate their knowledge and experience. There were few fatal accident in past, even with the most senior spearos. Here is small example of the danger around Bali.  Dive save guys..

Fusion Freediving & Yoga

The Fusion Freediving Level 1 course is a 2 day safe and fun introduction to Freediving. This course is for everyone and anyone who wants to safely experience the amazing underwater world, in a totally natural way. While no previous underwater experience is required, this course can also cater for those who have experience but have no formal professional    […]

Shallow water blackout

We hope this video makes people aware of the dangers of free diving alone. Its more fun in pairs and definitely safer 🙂  avoid shallow-water blackout: Do not hyperventilate to excess no more than three or four breaths. Recognize that any strenuous exercise will limit your bottom time drastically; when you exercise, head for the    […]