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Spearfishing Equipment rental Bali Indonesia

Indonesia Spearfishing Charter is now offering complete spearfishing equipment rental. Size available in Medium, Large and Extra large. Full equipment rental: Wetsuit Socks Gloves Mask Snorkel Floatline Bouy Speargun Freedive Fin Total Cost $45 USD per day.  For more information please email or

Fusion Freediving & Yoga

The Fusion Freediving Level 1 course is a 2 day safe and fun introduction to Freediving. This course is for everyone and anyone who wants to safely experience the amazing underwater world, in a totally natural way. While no previous underwater experience is required, this course can also cater for those who have experience but have no formal professional    […]

Shallow water blackout

We hope this video makes people aware of the dangers of free diving alone. Its more fun in pairs and definitely safer 🙂  avoid shallow-water blackout: Do not hyperventilate to excess no more than three or four breaths. Recognize that any strenuous exercise will limit your bottom time drastically; when you exercise, head for the    […]

Spearfishing at the last refuge of the Java Tiger Day 2

I had a good sleep until 5:00 a.m.; it was still dark so I try to sleep until 6:00 am; the excitement of the fishing prospect kept me awake and all I could think of was getting ready to explore the coast. I ended up getting up just when the morning light started appearing; it    […]

Free Diver playing with bubble maker and Submarine

Free Diver playing with scubadiver                                                                                 And submarine