East Indonesia

Day 2: Dog Town

Primary Mission of this trip is to locate the famous Dogtooth Tuna aka the bouy snatcher!! We woke up extra early in the morning to prepare ourself for some extreme spearfishing. Hubert prepare mix blend juice for the power boost to land a 100lb Doggy!! all the other preparing the bouy 25ps and 30 ps. we    […]

Eastern Indonesia Spearfishing Adventure

Matteo is the man if you want to have a great adventure in the eastern part of Indonesia. The local love him because when he is back from the ocean he bring a feast to feed the whole village. I called him the underwater Rambo.The picture and video will do the rest of stories…. Spearfishing    […]

A Dream trip to Eastern Indonesia

I am speechless to see Andre’s boat, its basically a floating hotel in the remote part of Indonesia. You have   professional chef on board, the best crew, and captain. You are guarantee will catch the best and the one fish you dream about. Good job Andre and looking forward to go on board on    […]