Bluefin trivially

John Rolla and Hanna Boyke

Spearfishing South Bali is one of the best place to hunt at shallow reef for good eating reef fish. We started the day with some basic knowledge about how to hunt around the southern reef. Not long after that John start collecting some nice fish for dinner. The day result few Maori Seaperch, Rabbitfish and    […]

3 day spearfishing Trip with Tevita Taukave

Day 1 We went to the FAD first day and what we found was the FAD was  fill with Dolphin and Yellowfin tuna. The FAD was empty or clean up by the big Predator fish. When went back to shore we can sea the FAD was fill with light, littelary hundred of them. The light    […]

Spearfishing trip south Bali with Rod thompson

The water visibility was excellent when we arrive at the first spot.  We saw a big school of Gold-spotted spinefoot aka Rabbitfish Indo favorite fish to Grill and also excellent sashimi..   Then we drift to The Maori Seaperch Cave, shot one and spooks the rest of the group. Then we shot few Unicorn fish    […]

Spearfishing Weekend with Family and Friend In North Bali

Best destination if you have big family go up North and avoid the busy Southern Bali. Rent a whole Villa because the price is half the price from South Bali. You will get same facility: Wifi, Swimming pool, Kitchen, living room etc.. The difference between the south and north is the beautiful sunrise and excellent    […]

Spearfishing trip north Bali with Krishan

We arrive at 10:00 pm and the weather was amazing, the sky is blue the water visibility was clear. We head to GT beach house spot, but we manage to spook all the GT we saw. We saw African pompano, Gloden trevally, Bleufin Trevally and ofcourse a good size GT who sprint when they saw    […]