Day 1

We went to the FAD first day and what we found was the FAD was  fill with Dolphin and Yellowfin tuna. The FAD was empty or clean up by the big Predator fish. When went back to shore we can sea the FAD was fill with light, littelary hundred of them. The light is from fisherman fishing yellowfin tuna using handline. The yellowfin tuna only come to surface during the night when the water tempature is cooler. That night the record size caught was 70kg and the average size was 20kg.

Day 2
Second day we stick around the reef. we manage to shoot some good dinner. We saw a big GT but he wasn’t intrested at all in getting shot by one of us. we spotted him one more time patrolling around the white wash but he was to fast.

Midnight Snapper

Day 3
We stick around the reef. we manage to shoot some good quality dinner. To sum up the trip, North Bali trip never disspoints us, nature continously to suprise us with it generous gift. Matur suksma!

Coronation Trout, Midnight snapper, Maori Seaperch, Lobster

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