A collection of Spearfishing video around Bali Island. Every part of the Bali are home to different Species of fish.We have reef Fishes such as Maori Seaperch, Redbass, Mangrove Jack, Trevallies, Groupers and Jobfish. We also have Barramundi, Milkfish  and giant mullets. In the open water we have Spanish Mackerel, Mahi Mahi and occasionally Sailfish.    […]


Short video hunting Barramundi at the shipwreck in Bali. condition of the water was good for only 3 hour and visibility was 4-6 meter. Ideal condition will be strong current and good visibility but you cannot always get both at our favorite spot. enjoy the video. +World Spearfishing Tv +Indonesia spearfishing charter +ADRENO Spearfishing Supplies +Blue Tuna Spearfishing    […]

The last month for Barramundi aka Asian Seabass

The indospearfishing boys had some luck today hunting  giant Barramundi. The size range between 14 kg – 17 kg. Water condition was good, and ideal to see the giant seabass lurking in our favorite spot. good job Anto and David. Anto’s Catch                              […]

The Indospearfishing boys did it again!

Weather havent been so friendly in Bali. As soon, the sky clear up yesterday, the boy went to the Barra spot and result could not have been any better. The picture will explain in more detail…

Barramundi season in Bali Indonesia

We have been waiting for half year for the raining season to start. The month when the raining season is the best time to seee the gentle giant roaming our favorite spot for Barramundi. Hopefully after 6 month the Barramundi have fatten up and ready to be harvest. Well the waiting payoff the boys caught    […]

The Month of the Giant Barramundi in Bali

From December till June the estuaries are flooded due to heavy rain. All the female Barramundi are out to spawn. Guess who has been busy setting new record of Bali. Ofcourse, Kretek lungs or eenk aka fish-finder landed 4 giants barramundi. Range from 15-20kg. Enjoy the pictures.. 20 kg Sexy Barramundi last weekend 2 weeks    […]

North west Bali 2 April 2012

During the afternoon at Grouper Farm First Day In North west Bali, we stay a night at the grouper farm. We tried to catch fish around the farm but no luck. So we took 2 (500-700 gram) Baramundi and 1 good size grouper (800 gram flowery cod) for dinner. The meal was amazing, you cannot    […]