Spearfishing for Wahoo at Bali FAD / Rumpon

South Bali water its too cold this month, so we decided to go to warmer area. We arrive at North Bali at noon and headed to FAD. The first spot was fill with bait fish, Rainbow runner and Amberjack. Didn’t see any pelagic fish, until we shot a couple of Amberjack for chumming. 3 Wahoo    […]

Spearfishing at the last refuge of the Java Tiger Day 1

    Our plan to visit The National Park goes way back to 4 years ago. We heard the park is protected by mountains; the tallest mountain is 1100 meter, and the notorious open sea Indian Ocean. The national park is located in the province of East Java, Indonesia, extending over an area of 580 km² of which a    […]

Kampuh playground march 21 2013

The location is only good a couple times a year. Our target fish the scribbled snapper. The water, weather, swell, tide , current were perfect for our playground to be filled with scribbled snapper. We started diving around 8 in the morning. The water visibility was perfect. I felt like a kid in a candy    […]

20 August 2011 East Bali

The current was suprising very strong but it brought all the Mahi Mahi out, Mackerel, Skipjack, and lots of Amberjack. I had 2 Mahi Mahi break-off the spear. It was a good day spearfishing. Will come back there again soon. Miss a school of Mackerel. All i did was miss a shot or the fish    […]

north Bali 20/7/2011

Start early in the morning, current was strong, but the water is still crystal clear. I love blue water spearfishing, you never know what to expect from the dept.. First spot we were greeted by small Mahi mahi, then finally the size we have been waiting for since the beginning of this year. 10 kg    […]