West Sumbawa

Looking for spearfishing charter in Bali?

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We Love to hunt for Maori Seaperch

If you asked any spearo in Indonesia, what fish is the  most Favorite  to hunt and eat. Majority of the answer is Maori Seaperch aka Kampuh. Great Eating, hard to hunt and fun to stalk. Curious fish, timid, and unpredictable behavior Maori Seaperch Best Size 2kg -5kg Cheeky Maori Seaperch #maoriseaperch #kampuh #spearfishing #underwater #apnea    […]

Indra West Sumbawa ocean hunter

Indra was born in Lombok –neighboring island of Bali. He has been freediving since 1997. He learned spear-fishing and freediving from his cousin in Lombok. He stopped spear-fishing from 1999 to 2000, when he took a job in the “Blue Coral Diving” company. He started spear-fishing again in 2001 until now.   In addition to    […]