We Love to hunt for Maori Seaperch

If you asked any spearo in Indonesia, what fish is the  most Favorite  to hunt and eat. Majority of the answer is Maori Seaperch aka Kampuh. Great Eating, hard to hunt and fun to stalk. Curious fish, timid, and unpredictable behavior Maori Seaperch Best Size 2kg -5kg Cheeky Maori Seaperch #maoriseaperch #kampuh #spearfishing #underwater #apnea    […]

Talented underwater Film Maker and Photographer

 Perrin James Juan Oliphant Photography to Inspire change. Each photo aims to capture a rarely shown perspective of our Ocean inhabitants and share the beauty of the underwater world . We hope these photos will inspire an interest in the underwater world and hope your inspiration will lead towards a desire to conserve its beauty before moments    […]

Beautiful underwater world of Bali Indonesia

This Video is a reminder of how blessed i am to be living on the island of God. With our cyanide and dynamite bombing problem, we need to continuously  educate the people around the world  the destructive result it causes. Like Velere said, “nature has its way to fight back” so lets look after it..