Spearfishing Equipment rental Bali Indonesia

Indonesia Spearfishing Charter is now offering complete spearfishing equipment rental. Size available in Medium, Large and Extra large. Full equipment rental: Wetsuit Socks Gloves Mask Snorkel Floatline Bouy Speargun Freedive Fin Total Cost $45 USD per day.  For more information please email Info@indospearfishing.com or Balispearo@gmail.com.

Barramundi season in Bali Indonesia

We have been waiting for half year for the raining season to start. The month when the raining season is the best time to seee the gentle giant roaming our favorite spot for Barramundi. Hopefully after 6 month the Barramundi have fatten up and ready to be harvest. Well the waiting payoff the boys caught    […]

Complete set of spearfishing gear

If I have few hundred $$$$ to spend on a complete set of spearfishing gear i would spend it on ( the gear are selected specifically for tropical water and its habitant like indonesia): Speargun: Rob Allen rail gun Aluminium or Carbon 120 cm open muzzle . I would buy a couple of spare slip    […]