Napoleon fish

Top Ten Fish you Shouldnt spear in the island of god.

The list is sorted according to rarity of the fish in Bali, Edibility, and endangered: 1. Napoleon Fish(Humphead Wrasse). Javanese fisherman are still targeting smaller napoleon fish and sold in Benoa or Kedongan market for special customers. The Napoleon population in Bali are located in few spot around Bali. They usually in school of 10-15    […]

North west Bali 2 April 2012

During the afternoon at Grouper Farm First Day In North west Bali, we stay a night at the grouper farm. We tried to catch fish around the farm but no luck. So we took 2 (500-700 gram) Baramundi and 1 good size grouper (800 gram flowery cod) for dinner. The meal was amazing, you cannot    […]