Joseph Just completed his level freediving course in the Gili islands. He had some expereince spearfishing while he travel the sea with his own sailing boat.

We start the first day Diving in East Bali. It was an introduction to Joseph of expereincing Blue water spearfishing two of our seamount spots and also reef spearfishing. for a first day it was not a bad start we shot nice 15 kg Spanish mackerel, 9 kg Milkfish and 7 kg Green Jobfish.  We went back quiet late around 5 pm and we ask the hotel to prepare Green jobfish balinesse recipe. The hotel cook pepes which is wrap in banana leaf and cooked in steam pot. They also made satay and steak . It was a feast the green jobfish was more then enough.

Green Jobfish, Spanish mackerel, Milkfish
Joseph Redcorn and John Legend posing with the catch Spanish mackerel, Milkfish and Green Jobfish

The next day we left early in the morning and head to North Bali to hunt in the reef and some outer reef famous for dogtooth tuna, Spanish mackerel and Giant trevally. During the morning it was a bit quiet until the tide change. Them we starting shooting nonstop, we shot another 15 kg Spanish mackerel, 2 10 kg Giant trevally, 12 kg sweetlip  and Midnight snapper. With the amount of catches we decide to go the nearest Mount AGung Refugee and Donate all out catch. We took few steak and sahimi of the Spanish mackerel for lunch and donate the rest.

Joseph Redcorn holding 2 Giant Trevally, Peter Oprandi with Spanish Mackerel
and Giant Sweetlips and John Legend with 2 Midnight Snapper

When we arrive we were shock that the refugee diet was consist of Vegies, rice and Instant noodle for the last 2 month. The majority of the refugee come from the poorest village on the foothill of Mount Agung. They never have luxury to eat fresh fish. most of them never seen the species of fish and was amaze and mesmerise by our catch. That night the 50 kg of fish was cooked and served to feed 350 refugee, even the neighbouring refugee camp herd the news and join for the feast that night.

Mount Agung Refugee Camp: The children and Adult seing variety
 of different fish species for the first time in their life

Spanish mackerel
Peter Oprandi holding Spanish Mackerel

Third day we decide to give east Bali another try. We saw wahoo and spanish mackerel but the strong current and exhaustion from the last 2 day diving made the hunt unfavorable. We manage to shoot few reef fish fish for lunch and call it a day.

3 day spearfishing trip in East and North Bali with joseph redcorn from Indospearfishing on Vimeo.

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