Bali Spearfishing February 2019

Bali Spearfishing February 2019

Dive Information: Location: East Bali Customer: David Weather: Wind light, Moon Waning Gibbous, Swell light Water: Clarity 10 meter, temperature: 29 celcius, Low Tides 4:46 am -.1 Meter and high Tide 2.5m Comment: Dirty and quiet even at the top of tide, heavy sediment starting 10:00 am and visibility got worse. Best time was from    […]

Bali Spearfishing East Bali August 2018

Dive Information: Location: East Bali Customer: Sam Miller and Josh Weather: Wind light, Moon Waning Crescent, Swell light Water: Clarity 25 meter, temperature: 28 celcius, Tides 6:00 am 2.2 m 12:53pm .5 meter Comment: Clear all Day especially mid day Catch: 2 Spanish Mackerel and 1 Giant Trevally

joseph redcorn 3 day spearfishing trip east and north Bali

Joseph Just completed his level freediving course in the Gili islands. He had some expereince spearfishing while he travel the sea with his own sailing boat. We start the first day Diving in East Bali. It was an introduction to Joseph of expereincing Blue water spearfishing two of our seamount spots and also reef spearfishing.    […]

How to Speared A Giant Trevally

The video is demonstrating what is the best way to shoot the mighty Giant Trevally. The Trevally was a 20 kg but if you took a bad shot , you will risk bending your shaft, The trevally swim deep and get stuck in a rock or reef. Unless you have a chance of getting a    […]

2 day trip with newly wed James

The newly wed James Broderick receive the best gift from his wife, 2 day trip spearfishing with us. The gift was one to remember for the rest of James life. Bali Dogtooth tuna Spanish Mackerel and Bigeye Trevally Congrats to James with his Dogtooth Tuna Biegeye Trevally Bigeye Seabream Eagle Ray James Broderick 2 day    […]

Epic Day spearfishing Westy Doeland in north Bali

We start the day mid Afternoon, the ocean condition was good but visibility was not its best on some location. First spot was our favorite spot for Spanish mackerel and dogtooth tuna. Due to visibility we couldn’t find the outer reef. But not long after the West shot fatty Spanish mackerel. We try second attempt    […]

4 Day trip with Florent Dirheimer in North and East Bali

It was nice to see Florent and his family return back to Bali. Florent several decade of experience spearfishing around the world. It was honor to be able to watch senior spearo dive next to you.  This trip Florent was on Fire he manage to shoot the rare Pinjalo snapper, Dogtooth Tuna, and he always    […]

Day Trip with Phil in East Bali

This is Phil Second time to dive with us.  Very positive spearo from New york who grow he own food and love to catch his meat from Nature. It was perfect weather, blue water and good variety of fish to choose from. We manage to hunt Wahoo, Dogtooth tuna, Spanish Mackerel and Bigeye Trevally. Wahoo    […]