Young couple Alyssa Haeberle Turner and Ben Percival from the Sunshine coast, stay in north Bali for couple of days try to experience different side of Bali. North Bali is famous for tranquility, amazing bays with beautiful coral reef stretching 20 km of coast line.  Most of the the villa and hotel have infinity pool overlooking the east coast of Bali Ocean.

We started just before lunch and it was perfect weather. We didn’t realize until toward 3 pm  water was cold, the water tempature change due to the tide change and bring all the cold water from the deep. We start seing fish nonstop, We saw Spanish mackerel, Giant trevally and the famous Dogtooth Tuna.

Peter, Ben and Alyssa posing with the fresg Catch
Dogtooth Tuna, Golden Trevally and Onespot Seaperch

The current was not favorable but the lived that it brought in the ocean cant complain. We shot Golden Trevally, Dogtooth Tuna and Onespot Seaperch. It was great day with Ben and Alyssa.

allyssa and ben trip from Indospearfishing on Vimeo.

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