4 Day Spearfishing trip with Mr Thouvenot: Day 4

I went to local midwife because she was the only person around 15 km radius who can help with my infected wound on my back. She give me a strict instruction not to drink or dive for the next 4 days while i am on Antibiotic. So i become a skipper for a day. We    […]

4 Day Spearfishing trip with Mr Thouvenot: Day 3

After 2 day in row Spearfishing, We are quiet sored but in the same time we are both warmed-up and pumped-up for more action. There is another spot before GT beach house that have big GT and Seaperch lurking at the reef. We start drifting following the current. Visibility was not favorable, but toward the    […]

Crystal clear water spearfishing

Alex with his Catch All the old and wise fisherman always says “its always better start early in the morning to go fishing”. I guess we should listen more to elders and wise man about fishing tips. The ocean was fill with variety of 3-4 star eating reef fish. We saw a lot of Maori    […]

Day 3: Doggy mayhem

arrive at Dogtown the condition was perfect, no swell, no wind and we have the whole spot to ourself. first few dive nobody was home. Then we start shooting some fish , Indra shot scad mackerel to attract some bigger predator. The technique work, 3 Big Doggy decide to check out Indra catch. Hubert took    […]

Day 2: Dog Town

Primary Mission of this trip is to locate the famous Dogtooth Tuna aka the bouy snatcher!! We woke up extra early in the morning to prepare ourself for some extreme spearfishing. Hubert prepare mix blend juice for the power boost to land a 100lb Doggy!! all the other preparing the bouy 25ps and 30 ps. we    […]

Day 1: spearfishing East Indonesia

We plan the trip 1 month ago and is finally in place, adrenaline already pumping and we are not even in the water yet, that how stoke e are about this dream trip. After a long day to get to our accomadation. We all need  a good night sleep to start 5 day nonstop spearfishing    […]

Day trip at the FAD/Rumpon

The water condition was perfect, no swell or wind. We cruise to the FAD smoothly. When we arrive there were litter lay hundred of Mahi maui surrounding us. It didn’t take long until Antok start shooting and filling up the cool box. There were few Wahoo also. Watch the video and it will explain how    […]

September Spearfishing Forecast and Predictions

Hi Guys, This is September Forecast and prediction. Just reminder, the information  is just to help you plan better your  day in the water. Please note: No matter what the ocean is unpredictable!! Dive Safe!!

Spearfishing for Wahoo at Bali FAD / Rumpon

South Bali water its too cold this month, so we decided to go to warmer area. We arrive at North Bali at noon and headed to FAD. The first spot was fill with bait fish, Rainbow runner and Amberjack. Didn’t see any pelagic fish, until we shot a couple of Amberjack for chumming. 3 Wahoo    […]