Barramundi season in Bali Indonesia

We have been waiting for half year for the raining season to start. The month when the raining season is the best time to seee the gentle giant roaming our favorite spot for Barramundi. Hopefully after 6 month the Barramundi have fatten up and ready to be harvest. Well the waiting payoff the boys caught    […]

Indra West Sumbawa ocean hunter

Indra was born in Lombok –neighboring island of Bali. He has been freediving since 1997. He learned spear-fishing and freediving from his cousin in Lombok. He stopped spear-fishing from 1999 to 2000, when he took a job in the “Blue Coral Diving” company. He started spear-fishing again in 2001 until now.   In addition to    […]

Spearfishing at the last refuge of the Java Tiger Day 1

    Our plan to visit The National Park goes way back to 4 years ago. We heard the park is protected by mountains; the tallest mountain is 1100 meter, and the notorious open sea Indian Ocean. The national park is located in the province of East Java, Indonesia, extending over an area of 580 km² of which a    […]