Short Video Spearfishing around Bali with Indospearfishing Charter

Short Video Spearfishing around Bali with Indospearfishing Charter. The New FAD is producing after 1 month at sea. The video contain footage of rich diversity of marine life in Bali such as Whitecap Shark, Dugong, beautiful reef fish, Sea Turtle, Maori Seaperch, Midnight Snapper, Wahoo, Bluefin Trevally and MahiMahi. Mahi Mahi caught in our Brand    […]

Sumbawa Trip in April with the Hawaiian crew.

We have been asked by a group of Hawaiian guys to charter them a spearfishing trip around Lombok. After a quick chat we decided to go to Sumbawa due to better weather conditions and more flexibility in the fish species. Starting Day Sumbawa is around 8hours away by Car and FastBoat. And lots of waiting    […]


My First Rumpon Experience was unforgettable experience. Only slept 3 hours,  It took us 2.5 hour to go to the Rumpon, plus our heart was pounding from excitement and we were surrounded with Yellowfin Tuna and Skipjack.  We left the fishing village at 3:00 am and reach the first rumpon/FAD at 5:30 am. We were    […]

3 day with West Australia Hartleys Brothers

Day 1: Pick up the boys from the Boat transfer and head to our Villa to drop off our stuff. We didn’t waste any time and head out to the reef. The first spot I spotted Longnose emperor and miss the shot like a pro ( bother me the whole night , couldn’t figure the    […]

Unforgettable Trip to an known but yet untouched location.

Well it all begane pretty unplaned, my best mate and me have been sitting at home one night after a hard day at work and decided that we should do a Holiday in Indonesia and do some spearfishing in crystal clear blue water of the Archiplego and go on some crazy adventures, as impulsive as    […]

4 Day Spearfishing trip with Mr Thouvenot: Day 2

Day 2, we decided to visit old spot small seamount close to the shore. Decision was right on the spot. First spot landed 6-8 kg Maori Seaperch. Seaprett give a good fight wrapping the line around the reef and end up in inside small hole. After several attempt trying to pull the seaprett out of    […]