We live Spearfishing adventure every day, and we can’t wait to share it with you! You will experience the thrill of encountering a variety of tropical reef  fish and pelagic giant. Indonesia will guarantee to let you witness the spectacular wildlife and marine biodiversity in rare abundance.



It is the gem of the north coast of Bali; tranquil and with a scenic beauty, which comes alive with colorful fishing boats setting sail for the morning everyday catch. The Location is perfect for Spearfishing at reef and open Bluewater for Pelagic Fish.


The East Bali Sea has countless stories about its rich marine life. It is renowned by divers around the world. The monster that lurks is attracted by the upwelling from the deep blue sea. Every trip will have its surprises; you will experience amazing sceneries in both land and underwater images that you will never forget.


This location is home to resident fish such as the Maori sea perch, dogtooth, green job fish, red bass, barracuda and trevally. Seasonally, we have regular visits of the Spanish mackerel and sailfish and the stories from fisherman and spearo who hunt and catch large fish are very common!


It is highly recommended if you like open water and seamount, and well-known by its world class shores, reef and point breaks along the coast. It also offers a chance to laze on a pristine private beach that encircles the island. You will be guided by local experienced persons who acquired their skills from their forefathers through many generations.


This island is best known for its waves, sandy beaches and wild terrain. Many areas are kept untouched and waiting to be explored. You will be greeted by the amazing underwater world that for sure will ensure you a smile after a dive. Do not hesitate to visit this island if you have a thirst for adventure, and wish to get a truly authentic experience of local culture.