Day trip at the FAD/Rumpon

The water condition was perfect, no swell or wind. We cruise to the FAD smoothly. When we arrive there were litter lay hundred of Mahi maui surrounding us. It didn’t take long until Antok start shooting and filling up the cool box. There were few Wahoo also. Watch the video and it will explain how    […]

Glad to be Alive: Spearfishing Bali Indonesia

First Day ┬áheavy storm at FAD/Rumpon miles away from Bali. But we were dazzle by what we see around the FAD, it was fill with hundreds of bird in the sky and hundred juvenile Yellowfin Tuna under the water. So we ignore the incoming storm heading to our direction and start hunting. first dive we    […]

Spearfishing East Bali

2010 New year spearfishing at North Bali.

New year spearfishing at North Bali. It started with rain then it clear out. All th fish start coming out during the afternoon. We only cought few small Peacock rockcod before lunch. Then afternoon session all the bigger fish start coming out. the incoming tide attract all the predator to station waiting for pray to    […]